Symposium on Collaboration in Aircraft Design

Since 2011, the Symposium on Collaboration in Aircraft Design has been organized by Research Section of CEAS Technical Committee Aircraft Design. The first two symposia were hosted by DLR. Next Symposium was held in Linkoping together with CEAS Air & Space Conference and after that travelled through Toulouse, Naples and this year arrives to Warsaw.

The SCAD6 specific dialogue on ongoing and future research activities is included in the program in the afternoon of September 13th. Based on SCAD participants feedbacks we have selected four guiding topics:

  • Hybrid-electric aircraft
    Chair: Stefan Stueckl, Airbus Group Innovation
    Which are the next steps on the way from today’s 4 seats flying demonstrators towards the 2040 targeted 70 PAX+ aircraft? How to connect to related CleanSky 2 activities?
  • Systems-driven aircraft design
    Chair: Ingo Staack, Linkoeping University
    Systems are gaining higher relevance also in the design larger aircraft. How can their relevance be accounted for in the design process? (Follow-on topic to SCAD5)
  • MDO methods and tools
    Chair: Andrea Da Ronch, Uni Southampton
    To which extent is aeroelastics exploited in today’s design methods? Will the community be able to establish a shared distributed MDO competence? (status of AGILE project)
  • Research questions resulting from Boeing’s “Middle of the Market” announcements
    Chair: Johannes Hartmann, DLR
    Which evolutionary configurations & technologies would be suitable for 2025; which revolutionary contenders in 2030+ might challenge them?